Labor Market Integration of Migrants in Austria

Austria has developed into an immigration country and can be considered as one of the long-standing European immigration countries. Nonetheless, very little is known about the integration of past and recent waves of immigration in the Austrian labor market. The proposed study aims to fill this knowledge gap by providing comprehensive and reliable evidence about the labor market situation of different groups of migrants over time, by analyzing labor market flows and comparing the labor market integration of different waves and groups of immigrants against the contextual backdrop of overall socioeconomic and employment conditions (labor demand), and the evolvement of individual background characteristics of the workforce as a whole.

Based on extensive administrative datasets we have set up a web application allowing for user defined enquiries. Click on the Image below and take and check it out: Where are Immigrants from, how many have been coming in, when did they arrive and how many of them are still here several years later? What are their labour market positions over time, what does the data tell us about their education, and how many have sought asylum?

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